Versatile, full-featured and compact ultrafast laser / The Satsuma family of femtosecond laser offers versatility in the most compact aircooled laser platform on the market. Satsuma is a cost-efficient solution providing high repetition rate and high energy, up to 150 μJ.
Versatile and full-featured, Satsuma femtosecond lasers are equipped with: FemtoBurst™ (choose number of pulses, rhythms, time between each pulse from 25 to 100 ns); the trigger on demand for selecting individual pulses, and SuperSync Control for getting more precise synchronization with a high speed scanning system. Satsuma femtosecond laser is available with green, UV and deep UV outputs.

The Ultrafast laser Satsuma is compatible with FIBER module. See video


  • #Air-cooled up to 20 W
  • #Customization function FemtoBurst™
  • #Trigger on demand - FemtoTrig™
  • #SuperSync Control
Femtosecond laser Satsuma

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