Satsuma X

Satsuma X

Powerful & Versatile Ultrafast Laser

Satsuma X is an all-in-one, and robust femtosecond laser dedicated to all needs in industry and science. Coming with a full suite of unique features, Satsuma X fits any material processing targets, such as battery patterning, nozzle drilling, high quality texturing, wafer dicing, OLED cutting, etc. Satsuma X also gives full satisfaction to research laboratories for diverse applications such as life science, cellular imaging, accelerators, X-ray imaging,
neuroscience & optogenetics, etc.

Satsuma X is a robust 50 W femtosecond plateform combining high energy (500 μJ), high repetition rate (tunable up to 40 MHz), pulse duration under 400 fs, and high beam quality. It is designed for most demanding applications such as 24/7 industrial operation.

  • #Pulse on demand FemtoTrig™
  • #Higher Throughput with GHz Burst™
  • #Robust design for 24/7 Operation
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